Traveler’s Cleanse

All the beds in Asia are varying degrees of hardness from “good for a bad back” to “harder than concrete.”


Confessions of a Bad Traveler

Curled up in bed, my body is pimpled with goose bumps. I know I have a fever and I can’t get comfortable.


As I focus, the melody begins to crystalize and I realize what it is, the ezan, the Islamic call to prayer.

In This Moment

The banca boat tugs against its anchor thrust deep into the sand as the waves push it to and fro.

So It Begins

We stumble out into the wet, warm night in Manila.

On Privilege: What The Big Island Taught Me

“Where are you from?” The woman in the food truck pushes two iced coffees toward us.

“Oregon,” I say.

“But my mom lives here,” Kelly added. “We’re just visiting.”

I add cane sugar to my coffee and stir. I notice that the ice cubes are made out of coffee and shaped like stars. I take a sip and the sugar is grainy. I feel it crunch between my teeth.