I haven’t been the same since
getting to see the moon shine
on the other half of the world.


 What People Are Saying About Me:

“The cutest snuggle hunny in the world. That’s my babe.”
my girlfriend

“You want a snuggie and a Rainbow Dash onesie?”
my mother

“Hey! Stop eating just the center of the Oreos and leaving the cookies behind!”
someone, probably

I’m the kind of person that likes to make blanket nests, dip out of parties early, find excuses to wear pajamas all day, and always chooses the self-checkout lane. No one expected me to succeed when I decided to follow all those that have come before me at this digital nomad lifestyle.

My girlfriend, Kelly, and I packed our bags and left the place that had been my home for a decade in 2015. We haven’t looked back.

Most days, I do feel like I’m failing. Sometimes I choose Netflix over historical monuments. I’m learning that sometimes introverts gotta introvert and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t travel or that you’re not traveling ‘right.’ You can still see the Colosseum and then come home and marathon The Bachelor.

More than anything, this journey has been an experiment in happiness. Finding it. Living it. Choosing it.

Here’s to being nowhere in particular while enjoying being here now. Here’s to being happy.